25 Interestingly Unknown Facts about Croatia

Let’s take a look at some amazing, interest, and unknown (or maybe you know them) facts on Croatia. 

  • Croatia is located in Central and Eastern Europe. It is the 26th largest European country, population and land wise.
  • Croatia is considered as one of the richest countries when it comes to biodiversity! (how? Read on to find out). 
  • The world’s smallest town is located in Croatia. It’s called Hum – a breathtakingly beautiful place – with a population of 17 – 23 people only.

  • Waterfront is also known as the Dalmation coast. It was recently recognized that the dog breed of Dalmations, is actually Croatian. This breed goes back to the 17th century! Wow!

  • Are you a Game Of Thrones fan? Then we suggest that you start planning your trip! As the Emmy Award-winning show was filmed in certain parts of Croatia. Some of those places are The Dalmatian Coast, Split and Dubrovnik, Island of Lokrum, St. Jacob Cathedral (Sibenik), Krka National Park. 

I wonder, which part of the show was filmed where?


  • According to records, at least 10% of the land is made up of 8 National Parks, 11 Natural Parks, and 2 Nature Reserves.
  • Croatia is one of those countries that hold some of the most interesting Guinness World Records:
  • Largest box of popcorn
  • Largest cup of cappuccino 
  • Longest moonwalk in an hour 
  • Most pull-ups in a minute 
  • Fastest time to push a car in one mile


  • Wine lovers, this one’s for you: In 1996, it was discovered that Zinfandel originally belonged to Croatia. 

  • Croatians have invented a lot of things, take a look at the list below:
  • The parachute
  • The torpedo 
  • The mechanical pencil 
  • The MP3 Player 
  • The Maglite torch


  • One of the islands – Brac – has a beach that changes its shape after the winds. This beach is called Zlatni Rat Beach. 


  • Croatia is home to 1,244 islands, isles, and inlets. Some of the famous ones from that are:
  • Hvar

  • Brac

  • Visikrk

  • Pag

  • Korcula

  • Cres

  • One of the famous places that you should visit – Pula – has the best-preserved Roman Amphitheatre

  • This beautiful place – Croatia – borders with 5 other countries:
  • Slovenia
  • Hungary 
  • Serbia 
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 
  • Montenegro


  • 1/3rd of Croatia is covered by forests
  • Here’s a riddle for you, try to figure it out before you reach the end of the article (that’s where the answer is)
  • Something you wear, whether you hate it or love it. This was another thing that was invented in Croatia*
  • Croatians are said to be the 4th heaviest alcohol consumers in the world per capita
  • In Croatia, the country is called Hrvatska, and the language is called Hrvatski
  • There is an unknown number of dialects, some of those dialects are so distinct that people find it hard to understand
  • One of the islands, Veli Brijun Island, you can find more than 200 dinosaur footprints


A famous English poet Lord Byron; was the first to describe Dubrovnik “the pearl of the Adriatic”

Croatian money is called “kuna,” as trappers used to trade their furs

Croatians love handmade goods, which is why they hold the highest number of UNESCO Intangible Goods’ record; compared to any European country. 

Swimming pools that you find at seaside hotels are filled with salt water. Yet, they are filtered and chlorinated. Scientifically it is easier to maintain saltwater swimming pools; plus they have numerous health benefits.

Vinkovci is one of the Europes’ oldest inhabited cities. It is located in Eastern Croatia. It has been habited for the past 8,000 years. 

  • Some of the biggest cities in Croatia include:
  • Zagreb

  • Split

  • Rijeka

  • Osijek

  • Zadar

  • Places that you should visit, if you plan on taking a trip to Croatia are:
  • Varazdin

  • Osijek

  • Vis

  • Plitvice Lake

  • Trakoscan Castle

  • Rovinj

  • Hvar

  • Ston

  • Krka National Park

  • Trogir

  • Porec

  • Zagreb

  • Motovun

  • Makarska

  • Zlatni Rat

  • Primosten

  • Dubrovnik

  • Korcula

  • Pag

  • Pula

  • Kornati Islands

  • Split

  • Omis

  • Hum


Do you remember the riddle that I had given you earlier? 

Something you wear, whether you hate it or love it. This was another thing that was invented in Croatia* 

Have you got the answer yet? 

Well, it’s… a necktie! 

Didn’t see that one coming, did you? 

Well, do get in touch with us, if you ever feel like taking a trip to this amazing place! 

We can customize one just for you, that fits your liking (:

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