8 Spine Chilling Haunted Places and Their Stories

Halloween. Undoubtedly one of the best times of the year – when the line between the living and the dead is thin (according to folklore and mythology). 

Or the day the dead like to stay in – according to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

31st October of every year is one of the most celebrated days across the world, don’t you agree? 

Well, without further ado, let’s dive deeper into 8 of the most spine-chilling places and their stories

Disclaimer: You can visit these places as well – let us know we’ll help you out. But not after the sun sets, yeah? No one wants that bad mojo. 

Read on to see what we can find. 


Okay, I’m going to be super honest with you – every state in our country is haunted. Each having a unique story of its own. 

But we have compiled some of the most interesting and popular places for you. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most haunted states and their famous stories. 


This is a story that originated in the ’90s, in Rural Bangalore. 

Based on an urban legend, a woman living in the village was taken advantage of and murdered – leading for her search for justice. 

The people that she would attack would be the men/ male members of the village. 

She would come by every day and knock on all the house doors. If you were to open the door and look into her eyes – you would be considered a dead man. Death was said to come with the next 24 hours. 

The words “Nale Ba” mean “Come Tomorrow” in Kannada. 

Eventually, the villagers found a loophole and began writing “Nale Ba” On their door. The vengeful spirit was said to walk away and move on to the next house. 

Eventually never returning. 

Till date, you can see the words “Nale Ba” on the doors and walls of most of the house in that region. 

Take a look at the picture below to see how an Indian Urban Legend looked and felt like: 

But of course, since its an Urban legend it is bound to have multiple versions and no one knows which one is true. 

Here are some of the alternate versions: the vengeful spirit was a witch, a courtesan etc. To be honest the list goes on. 

I bet this makes you think. 


Of course, a hospital has to be added to the list. 

Well, if we look into things since its a hospital there are bound to be people who die – leading to a lot of unfinished business, due to the patient’s untimely deaths. 

Giving one of the largest hospitals in India a position on the ‘Haunted Places in India’s’ list. 

If you look at the origin of the hauntings, you will generally come across the story that it is due to the number of death’s that happen in the hospital. 

The ghost here is said to be seen sitting on a tree and watching as people pass by. Also, the hospital staff has reported that food packets seem to go missing. Which means only one thing – the ghost is out for your food! 

So keep it safe! 

Moving on to our next state we have: 



This definitely had to make the list. 

The Bhangarh Fort has been declared as one of the most haunted sites in the world.

The Fort is located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. Entry to this fort is restricted after sunset. 

This fort was built in 1573 AD by Raja Bhagwant Singh, for his youngest son Madho Singh. 

Eventually, Madho Singh was succeeded by his son Chatr Singh. 

The story starts here. 

The princess of that time – Ratnavati, the daughter of Chatr Singh was considered to one of the most beautiful women of that time, she was well-loved throughout the country. News of her beauty and delightful temper was known to everyone. 

She got multiple marriage proposals as well. Hearing out her stories one of the Tantrik priests of the time fell in love with her. 

This is where the story starts to have multiple versions, we’ll go with the most popular option. 

The Tantrik went up to Chatr Singh and asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage – but was refused. 

This rage led him to cast a spell – for the princess to fall in love with him (a simple love potion) – on a perfume that the princess’ maid was purchasing for her. 

Princess Ratnvati figured out the Tantrik’s plan and threw the perfume bottle – once it broke it turned into a huge boulder; thereby crushing the Tantrik. With his dying breath, the Tantrik cast a spell on the entire village – dooming them to their deaths. 

Fearing the inevitable the villagers packed up their belongings and rushed out of the village as fast as they could. 

Leaving Bhangar Fort abandoned. 

It is said that anyone who would try to put up a roof in the fort would not be able to do so – as the roof is said to collapse. 

It is also known as the Ghost town of India since it is the only legally haunted place. 

Now we know witches say that you should never trust a love potion. 

Let’s move on to the next state. 



Yes, you read that right. It is Chor, not Char. 

It was a tower constructed by Alauddin Khilji. Here he had beheaded several thieves and put their heads through the different 225 holes. 

Though it was all good intention of stopping the fear of robbers and invaders from Magnolia, people at night can hear the thieves crying out all night long. 


This fort was built by Firoz Shah Tuglaque in 135, but now it’s abandoned. 

It is said that this fort is haunted by Jinns – similar to the Genie from Aladin – but based on Islamic culture and texts Jinns are far from friendly. 

They are said to haunt, possess, and at times kill people. 

Based on Islamic texts Jinns believe that they are made out of fire were as humans are made out of sand; thereby giving them power over the humans.

The next destination on our horror itinerary is: 



Yes, since Mumbai is the Bollywood capital – why not start off with something that is within the film industry, ey? 

So the story of Mukesh Mill is something that you must have come across in this one teenie tiny amazing movie called ‘Om Shant Om?’ The one with Shah Rukh Khan? 

The story used in the movie is partially true – about the fire. 

The mill was originally constructed by The East India Company in the 1870s. One day a fire broke out – cause unknown – killing thousands of people. The mill was then shut down on the 18th of January. 

And after that the mill has hit it big, being a hotspot for multiple movie scenes. But it was never easy, no-no. 

Apparently, if you enter the mills after sunset, you are bound to feel an eerie presence and discomfort. 

But were you also aware that while shooting for multiple movies cast and crew members faced a lot of “spooky” things? There were times when actresses were possessed, light and cameramen were pushed down from their chairs and higher places. 

Creepy, ain’t it? 


Located in Andheri East, this church was built in 1579; by Fr. Manuel Gomes. 

Everything seemed to be going well for the church, but one day the church was stripped down and abandoned in 1840 – due to an epidemic, which had hit the village. 

Over the years “scary” stories have piled up – leading people to believe that there are demonic spirits and aggrieved ghouls. 

Another famous story is that of a ghost bride who was said to have haunted the church grounds. 

In 1977 an exorcism was conducted to cleanse the church grounds of any unnatural spirits. 

This is where the story starts to get deluded. 

The most commonly known outcome of the exorcism is that they could hear a lady screaming and a splash in the nearby pond. The next day all the fish in the pond were dead. But, it also states that anyone who was to cross that pond would be walking toward their death. 

You’ve got to admit, that was a little hair-raising, goosebumps-giving, creepy, and interesting story. 



Let’s make things a little clear – this is a 2 part story, with different people but the house is the same. 


20B J.C. Road, Kolkata is an area that you would surely like to avoid at almost any time. Why you ask? 

Well, simply because it’s haunted. 

Yes, I will tell you the story. 

It is said that the house belonged to a Warren Hasting, the head of the Supreme Council of Bengal, and the first de facto Governer-General of India. 

It was in 1789 that he was accused of impeachment and corruption. He was acquitted 7 years later! Which ended up defaming him in the worst ways imaginable.

But it is said that he had a lot of documents in his house that could have proved his innocence. And it is believed that his ghost still runs to his house to get the folder that contained his innocence. 

Once Warren Hastings had passed on, his house was purchased by multiple people. All of whom had a tale of their own. 

Paul Bird and his wife had moved into the Hastings house and were living peacefully. But on the evening of 25th July 1884, when Paul was on his way back home from work he noticed a carriage race past his! Ugh! The nerve! 

When he noticed where the carriage was headed – it was headed towards his house – The Hastings house. 

Paul’s carriage was only a hundred yards away when he noticed that the carriage that had overtaken him had no horse – deeming it as the phantom carriage. 

The phantom carriage turned left and went straight into the portico. As soon as he reached home, he headed straight for the portico to take a look – there was nothing there. He didn’t think much of it and went inside the house to greet his wife. 

As soon as his wife saw him – she asked him about the carriage that had raced past his; she had seen it too. 

He said that he had no idea. She then told him that she had only heard the sound of one carriage approaching. 

Fascinating? Yes! 


George Williams; another one of the residents of the Hasting house. He lived there during the mid-1930s. 

George was an enormous race maniac. He had five horses and he loved them more than anything in the world. But then again Pride was his utmost favourite. 

Pride was his winning horse. 

But with time all good things come to an end. So did Pride’s health. 

On one of their last race together Pride lost and George could not bear the defeat. 

So he decided to follow one of the practices of that time and on Saturday night shot Pride dead. 

It is said that every Saturday night you can see a horse running down the Turf. 

Interesting, isn’t it? 

Well, that’s all for now folks! 

Have a happy Halloween and do let us know if you would like to visit any of these states and get to know more on their history. 

Stay spooked! (:

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