Nuance of Sales Incentive Travel?


Salespersons are the backbone of your company at some point it feels like it needs a fresh and energized re-start. Something that makes them pause and get back with greater enthusiasm to achieve their objectives.

Yes, you got it.

That’s incentives for your sales superstars.


According to the theory of human motivation, our actions are often inspired by a desire to gain outside reinforcement. The incentive is tried and tested ways to make your current team achieve more and be loyal to your company. Incentive creates huge motivation and morale high for your employees or distributors or retailers.

            “Want more? Then do more!”


There are two ways for your incentive program. One is the monetary incentive and the other is non-monetary. Monetary rewards are effective to a great extent as a motivator but it hits your margin directly.

“Think beyond money”

It’s not always about money. Non-Monetary rewards work much better to create a sense of urgency and achievement and a feeling of receiving a gift. They are a good way to incentivize your sales network.

From ages, Travel has been a great way to refresh yourselves – a different place and different routine for the short term. Travel programs as incentive have been greatly effective because of the experience that they create while you are travelling with your peers. Treat your All-Stars to a Fully Paid trip to a great destination or even splurge on a weeklong cruise – this has been an accepted practice in some industries for years now. In those industries, your sales network expects this over time.

But then as they say, “Gifting is an Art” and so is motivating people. The complex thought mechanics that drive the motivational behaviour is scientific to the core and at the same time emotionally delicate.

Combine these with the company spend policies which get tighter by the year Sales managers are a left in a lurch about the Rewarding – Motivating – Achieving process.

Ayantours offers flexible travel incentive. Typical Travel incentive programs aim at creating groups of reward recipients and trips which all expense paid. We can help you maximize the same by getting newer attractions as part of the trip and get better all-around experiences included which will keep a diverse group entertained.

In addition to the traditional Model of all expenses being borne by the company, we have come up with Gift Coupons of various denominations. These can be redeemed when the reward recipient wants to travel, maybe he doesn’t want to / Could not travel in the group, maybe he wants to transfer the coupon to a family member or friend.  Now you can reward smaller performances with smaller coupons and larger ones with larger coupons.

We can help you review and structure your rewards program and facilitate more levels of incentive that can take people through a step by step process of encouraging achievement. Travel is a unique gift compared to other gifts because it is seldom enjoyed alone. It makes you feel to live again. After that tiring journey when you come home an relax and start remembering the things that you have been through in the past couple of days, that’s when the experience starts to sink in, and that’s what makes you surprisingly fresher in the days to come -which in turn helps them focus on the positive ways of achieving the target.

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