Palatial Stays – 2

Last time we covered a palatial stay at Rajasthan and this time it is from the South. It is one of those places which might come as a surprise to you. But then India is full of surprises, right? And this is one of the good surprises.

sandur palace pool

So here we are at the Shiv vilas Palace at Sandur, well accessible from the city of Davangare in North Karnataka. The Place is quite close to the remains of HampiĀ  (Vijayanagaram Empire). Sandur palace has been the abode of the Royal Ghorpade Family which traces its lineage at this place back to 1700s and the Maratha Empire. The sprawling 20 acres has the majestic palaceĀ complete with its ornate furniture and antiques.

The palace now plays host to the guest who are interested in reliving the royal past and visiting near by Hampi. It has 12 lavish residential rooms and 2 suites along with the spa, library, swimming pool and Billiards rooms.

If you think the palace and closeness to Hampi is the only two things Sandur has to offer you will be surprised again. Very close to this place is the Temple of Kumaraswamy or Skandarpura which is another marvel and is quite a different architecture.


Another twist is the Daroji Wild Bear Sanctuary which is close by. Daroji National Park is home for the Slouth bear, honey loving kind, which are pretty cute to look at. Look at the pic below.
Indian_Sloth_Bear_with_cubs (1)



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