3 Productivity Hacks for The Travel Admin.

Admins in small and medium companies says a lot of issues when it comes to planning travel they are at the Centre of all activities and thank Leslie to the job which are considered by others as something that can be outsourced the pressures that the travel admin Encounters are a huge.  this blog try to help the admin manage some of the travel activities better so that they will have time for managing more things which need the manual attention  and expertise

Travel is one of the very critical friends for the employees in a growing it organisation.  many a times the admin department is short of staff and cannot Express it but at the same time they will have to take up all the activities like travel which requires a lot of follow-up.   but there are a few productivity hacks or simpler ways of doing things which will make sure that you free much of your time for more productive activities. how do you manage your time when you are entrusted with a lot of travel activity. what we are going to cover today in this blog  are awesome hacks  that helps you function like a big company travel department without employer that my number of people or resources.

Tip 1:  Breakdown the Trip into Smaller Tasks:

Our experience  show that for a sales executive or a project related travel can be Templatised into Excel sheet along with the basic information  of the Traveller.  past helps travel at means create these templates which breaks down every trip into simpler activities some of these tasks Z2 milestones or some bookings which you have to do can we directly created as stars in the Microsoft Outlook and scheduled to the respective employee so that employee takes up the ownership of follow up.

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Tip 2: Create templates which you can reuse and circulate among employees :

With a little bit of automation Excel templates provide to interested admins help  you automate these tasks.


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Tip 3: Automate to set multiple outlook reminders at one shot.

There are many activities which the employees can do on their own like follow up.  setting up date lines on the outlook can be a more effective way to keep them reminded of doing the tasks oh they can do.  this helps to save a lot of time and worry on the side of travel admin.


if you are interested in getting this Excel automation templates Outlook pass for yourself and others for free like to know the methodology please contact us on at  myfriends@Ayantours.com.  we will give you this macro free for lifetime that you have two approach us during this month.

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