Revised Baggage Policies for Jet airways. How it affects you.

Changes in Jet Airways Baggage Policies will shortly become effective  Jet airways  have changed policies related to Baggage allowances.  They are changing their basis of defining luggage policy – It is Number of Bags now as against Total Weight of the baggage. We try to analyze what will change, what it means for you as a traveler and also out take on why and how it will impact airport experiences as a whole.

What changes?

  1. All The tickets issued  on /after 15th june 2018 for travel on/after  15th july 2018 will   have the free   Baggage Allowance  as  per the piece concept  except is cases of  special Marine Baggage, corporate deals, POS  specific baggage
  2. All the tickets issued on / after 15th june 2018 for travel before  15th july 2018 will have the free baggage allowance as per the current  i.e. weight concept.
  3. All the tickets issued before 15th june 2018 will have the free baggage allowance as per the current i.e. weight concept irrespective of the travel date.
  4. Tickets showing free baggage allowance (FBA) as weight must be charged the excess baggage  as per weight concept and tickets showing FBA as per piece must be charged the excess baggage as per piece concept.
  5. No single piece must weight more than 32 kgs.

baggages 2

Why move from the total weight policy

Well, it is more a logistics issue.

  • With less number of bags it is easier to load the vessel and would need less number of people in handling process.
  • This means lesser time at the carousel for the passengers.
  • Less number of bags means lesser chances of lost luggage.


We think it is a smart move by the airline to make a better airport experience. It might have also been a step inspired by Airlines like Lufthansa which has a similar policy on baggage. If all carriers follow suit then we can expect a larger benefit at airports in general – the luggage carousel confusion will be reduced and you can get out faster.

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