5 Travel Hacks to Reduce Irritants During International Travel.

Do you find yourself sighing “if it was not for that minor snag we would have had a great time”? How can you travel peacefully while on a holiday abroad? Ayan Tours uncovers five common prickly issues that can play spoil sport in an otherwise perfect trip.

Good news is that risks associated with foreign travel have come down with surge of technology in last decade. But the complexity of process and choices have ensured that there still exists so many minor issues. These can leave you exhausted before you start enjoying at your dream destination.

“Language and culture differences? Not really, in fact they are the reason why you travel. We are talking about some things right under your nose that you Have control over.”

We at Ayan tours asked our outbound customers about what they found as the common issues which took up significant time and attention. Here are top 5 things we could arrive at. We also validated it through some secondary study.

1.Effectively handle forex

Forex is one thing which comes as a last-minute item on all trips and It can cause some last moment hitches, not big enough to disrupt anything but surely something which is there at the back of your mind. ‘Will my forex card work. What is it it doesn’t. What if I Run out of cash? Is card really helpful where I am going, will it be accepted?’. While all these are valid concerns.

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There might also be issue like ‘How do I recharge the card’. The answer from forex dealer will be ‘You can do it over the internet and net banking’. You say ok and fly away. But once you need recharge: ‘HEY!! I am not subscribing to international roaming. And without the Pin on SMS how I am not able to Transfer money? Duh! Should have got international roaming. Or should have left the sim with someone who can pass me the PIN’.  Remember this next time.

2.I landed from my flight – how do I get my VOA

After a hop or two you reached the Port of entry to your dream vacation. Kids are all in the best behaviour, you are excited and then as the plane comes to a grinding halt all there is a rush to the door and you are out. Once you are in the terminal all fingers point to different directions for next step. The Visa on Arrival.


You see other people moving fast and decide to move fast and even stand in the queue waiting for others in your group to join.  See, I kept a place for you. After a minute or so something is not feeling right. Then you doubt and you ask, and you find out that this queue is for immigration only and Visa On Arrival is a separate queue.  Rush to the place and find that the slowest Aunty on your plane has already halfway there and another flight just landed with a lot of passengers between you and the counter. Not to say anything about the confusion later when you reach counter about documentation.


Unnerving? Yes definitely. But could you have done better? Yes again. Check for airport information, at times maps are available in Google. Also get the application form filled up (take it with you from your home itself). Most of the times it is available online. At least, Ayantours tries to equip our passengers with these minute things. Especially if you have kids. And there are some countries where you can take the visa from home country even if there is VOA. Saves time with kids and infants in the group.

3.Blind spots in internet access

The world is now connected so well. There is free internet in Airports, Hotels and what not. We are talking about smart cities with full free WiFi. You talking about SIM card and International Roaming? Come on, the world has progressed.


Hi Sweety, Do a fact check. Agreed hotel and airport has free Wifi. When you are outside for sightseeing, shopping or exploring places on your, how about checking maps? How about calling your driver? Better give it a thought. Get a SIM or at-least have an
assured International roaming connection.

4.Being counted as kids or elders

A ‘Minor’ issue. The travel agent said my kid doesn’t need a ticket at the attraction. I believed, and in all due respect for travel agents they believed it too. Because you had actually told the correct age to the agent and he had in-turn understood that. They why is this person asking me at the entrance to pay money.

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Probably you missed a little fine print there some where on the voucher. The place you are visiting has a different criterion for allowing kids free. It’s the height. Aha!! Just pay a little more attention.

5.Check in Check out timings

Well, Life is all about trade-offs. I wanted a cheaper flight and it was arriving early in the morning. Well, really early. But that fine, we will adjust you said. Even after the immigration and baggage etc you still Are early for the hotel.


Janet Saunderson, middle, from Vancouver Island, heads to the ticketing office at ,James Armstrong Richardson International Airport after her Air Canada flight was cancelled, Friday, April 13, 2012. (TREVOR HAGAN/WINNIPEG FREE PRESS) - see carol sanders story

Most of the case it is better to be prepared. Have your travel agent put in a word for you before your arrival OR at least check how full the hotel is. Can’t do anything is there are other guests. But if you do what we said above you stand a good chance of being let in early. Most hotels have facility to get freshened up. You are much better off being mentally prepared.


Hope you will agree with us now that these are things within your control. If you consider yourselves well-travelled OR you have been analysing your own experiences while reading through, our readers would like to about your list of prickly items and how you iron them out. Because International Holidays are not cheap. You be prepared to make the most of it.

Ayan Tours has been helping people to make their travel smooth since 2010. Our focus has been to provide great travel experiences for young families and Travellers in search of concept tours. We don’t claim to have cheapest pricing in the market, neither do we want to be. Our customers have sought us out because we stand by their side during the travel and support them through thick and thin.  If you think you fall into the category who consider Time as Money check with us how we can help in planning your travel and making it a more enriching experience. Visit www.ayantours.com.




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